Some statistics involving 18-wheelers

Thousands of commercial vehicle drivers hit the road every day to transport their products to
different cities and states around Texas and the nation. Just like drivers of cars and smaller
trucks, these individuals speed, take wrong turns, get lost and have accidents.
But everyone must share the road. When there is a problem with too many drivers and not
enough lanes on the highway, wrecks and fatalities often happen — the evidence of blown tires
and busted glass litter the road.

The worst highways
The American Transportation Research Institute, in a report published in 2019, listed 13
highways in Texas that have the most congestion. The research shows three highways located in
the DFW area:

1. Dallas: I-45 at I-30
2. Dallas: US 75 at I-635
3. Ft. Worth: I-35W at I-30

Some evidence suggests that congestion costs truck drivers a more than five-hour delay in travel
time. There are more than 125 trucks on the road at any given hour of the day, more so in Dallas
than Ft. Worth.

Crash statistics
Driving an 18-wheeler through traffic on some of the most congested highways in the nation
invites the possibility of accidents. When they engage in dangerous driving behavior such as
speeding, texting or driving with little sleep, the chances of a fatal wreck increase.
In 2018, according to the Texas Department of Transportation, Tarrant county saw
crashes involving commercial motor vehicles number close to 2,100. And Texas is one of 12 states
whose percentage of involvement in fatal motor vehicle accidents is over 11%.
Drivers of 18-wheelers must adhere to laws that not only pertain to other motor vehicles, but also
those specifically for commercial motor vehicles. A significant issue concerns driving with little to
no sleep, which, in some cases, may involve a sleep disorder.
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration states that a person with a medical history likely
to interfere with safe driving practices cannot operate a commercial motor vehicle. The Texas
Department of Transportation requires commercial driver’s license applicants to have a certificate
from a medical examiner.

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