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Magalis Perez-Collazo earned a B.A. in sociology and a J.D. as she attended City College of New York and Brooklyn Law School. She represented The Department of Children and Family in Florida and was
Assistant Attorney General in the State of Florida from 2004 to 2006. Nine years ago, for a better environment, Magalis decided to move and raise her family in Texas.
Owning a successful law firm since 2011 gives Magalis independence and the ability to touch and help people in a direct way. “I started my own law firm in order to have flexible hours to combine family and business time and to be effective and independent in helping the Hispanic Community,” comments Magalis.
Magalis is an inspiration to the Hispanic community, an attorney with an ultimate goal…living theunlived life that most people only daydream about. “Live by what you trust and not by what you fear,”
says Magalis.

Magalis Perez Collazo


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Over 1000 cases won in the DFW area alone.
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